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Safe outdoor plans that Budapest has to offer post COVID-19

All right, let’s start by setting the record straight: we aren’t really in the “post” phase of the virus, so extra care and responsibility are needed, or we could face another round of isolation. But after finally having some of the restrictions lifted and staying home in the past few months, we deserve some time outside to enjoy the good weather and give ourselves a little bit of a break from the couch.

This is why we’ve decided to bring you some ideas that are perfect for enjoying some time outside, while still managing to be safe and keeping the recommended social distance. And you can even skip the facemask! (Although we recommend you keep it with you at all times and always wear it in shops, supermarkets, public transport, etc.).


If you already own a bike, you probably don’t need us to tell you about biking in Budapest. But if you don’t and you would like to take the opportunity to do something different, you can give a try to BUBI. The name stands for Budapest Bike and it is a quick urban transport alternative, a bike sharing system where you can take a bike from any of the docking stations around the city for a pre-paid access fee, and go for a ride whether you prefer the flat city streets in Pest or the hilly trails in Buda.

Car cinema

Besides the Panam Car Cinema on the rooftop of the Árkád shopping center, a new social distance-friendly cinema has opened in Budapest in June. The traditional Budapest Rooftop Cinema has reopened as a drive-in cinema behind Nyugati Railway Station, for people to enjoy a new movie experience. Both have websites available where you can find their program and purchase your tickets. We recommend you to check in advance to know whether the movie will be screened in English.

If you don’t have a car, Budapest Rooftop Cinema is cooperating with MOL Limo and has cars parked on site that can be rented for two people, for the same price of bringing your own car.



Gym parks

If you managed to stay active at home with some home workouts or outdoor cardio, kudos to you! But if by any chance being locked up wasn’t motivating enough for you and you still prefer not to go to the gym, the good news is that all the parks are now open, including the outdoor gyms that you can find all over the city. They will be a good challenge and the opportunity for you to try calisthenics and bodyweight exercises that you’ve probably never tried before.

Pack your sanitizers, clean the bars and get to it!

Summer sports

Speaking of being active, fortunately the Danube and the towns near Budapest offer perfect alternatives for things you can do in a single day, without having to go on a long journey. There are plenty of places that offer sports like kayaking, biking, hiking, canoeing and other options that you can do with your friends while still keeping a safe distance.

Zebegény, for example, is located just 60km north of Budapest by the Danube and has companies that offer all of the sports and activities mentioned above. It is a great destination for tourists who want to take a break from the city, enjoy some quietness, and fresh air.

Swimming in the Danube

If you are looking for a nice dip in the water, Budapest might not be the safest option but, once again, one of the great things about the city is how you can expand your options thanks to its immediate surroundings. Kisoroszi for example, hides at the tip of the Szentendre Island and is easily accessible by bus. You’ll find yourself in a quiet place with an amazing panorama that includes the mountains on each side of the Danube and you can even catch a glimpse of the Visegrád castle.

The place is a natural reserve so you are not allowed to visit it by car, but if that is your chosen means of transportation, you can leave it in front of the campsite entrance and then walk all the way along the shore under the trees. Pack your sleeping bag and camp overnight on a nice summer evening; you’ll not regret it.

No matter what you choose, if there is anything Budapest is known for, it is being a fun place. A pandemic won’t stop it from keeping its light and fun vibe that makes it one of the most popular destinations with a wide range of options, so you can still manage to have a great summer while being responsible in these trying times.

Stay safe, everyone!



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