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Hunting season is here

The sun is up in the sky, the clouds are white and the wind is blowing with petals from the blossoming flowers – all these signs tell us that the long awaited spring is finally here. But there is one extra sign of the new season that is well known to everyone but not many people talk about it: your libido flies high as the sky.

Yes! With spring comes something that, even if it is pretty common for everyone, it is even more visible among the gay community. We. Get. Horny. It could be because of people showing more skin on the street, or your body’s reaction to intense workouts preparing for the summer. Or simply because of the increasing amount of tourists helping to renew the portfolio appearing on every application installed on your phone. Whatever is the reason, spring is known as “hunting season” because our appetite for sex is higher.


This is why we bring some simple recommendations for you to get the best out of the Hunting Season of 2016:

1. Walk the talk: One basic thing is to know that you should not expect from others what you are not doing yourself. It is always funny when I see Grindr profiles with the text “No face, no answer” but they are also hiding behind a headless torso pic. If you are expecting something from someone, start by doing it yourself. I would say that a great way to start is having a complete profile with a proper photo of your face (and anything else you want) and information about your age, height, weight, etc. That way others can have a first impression of you and know what to expect and more importantly, filter and save some time when it comes to arranging that quick hook-up, if that is what you want.

Depositphotos_81542028_original2. For it to be work, you got to have matching interests: Be honest and don’t be afraid to say no if you don’t feel comfortable with something. Also, by now you may know that the “what are you looking for?” question on Grindr has practically the same relevance than the last interview you present for your dream job. Somehow, lots of people seem to disappear and never reply after you answer that question but you should know that there is no right or wrong. If you want something, go for it.

3. Read the profile of the person you want to talk to: There is one very annoying thing when people speak to you on Grindr and it is when they ask things that they should know already as the answers are in your profile. If you want to show interest in someone, reading their profile is a golden rule.

4. Don’t be rude: Some people never reply, some people don’t want to engage in conversation and prefer to go straight to the point. Others don’t want a quick sex date or don’t want a photo of your penis without them asking for it first. Dating apps are full of different personalities and preferences and you have to deal with it. The amount of people who turn aggressive and even offensive after being rejected or ignored is higher than it should be. MOVE ON! If someone is not into the same things as you are, it doesn’t mean you need to start a battle, you can just go for the next guy and let it go.

5. Use the filters: I don’t mean Instagram filters; this one is more practical. When it feels like you have already checked all the possible guys around you, start playing with the filters setting different age ranges, different interests, etc. For example, set the age filter to one specific age and with it you will be able to see guys that are beyond your area, as the guys who don’t fit the criteria will disappear and with it, they will leave those limited spots available for more guys in town.


6. Take your time to select good pictures: In this matter, Grindr is like a meat market (otherwise we wouldn’t be writing this article) so make sure you work on your first impression, the pic that will make people to open your profile. One thing that most users agree with is that when they reject someone, it is mostly because of a bad or awkward picture. Quite superficial, I know, but come on… it is a dating app where the first selection is done based on your pictures.

7. Safety first: Soft or rough, classic or adventurous, first timer or friend with benefits – whatever you are into, safety is a must for your hunting experience so please wear a condom. We don’t want your health to be in risk because of some express sex. We all have the right to enjoyment, but let’s do it responsibly.


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