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OMOH – The western touch that Budapest was missing

During the past couple of years, the gay life in Budapest has kept getting better and reaching wider ranges of people by opening spaces that suit the many preferences that we have when it comes to having fun. And by fun I mean the real fun of having a good time, not the one you usually get as a first message on Grindr.


The first places of the queer scene in town were the bars – e. g. Capella, AlterEgo – that opened in the ‘90s and 2000s and they are still an inherent part of the gay life in Budapest. Then came the sex bars such as CoXx, which are now sort of emblematic thanks to their many years making people come together for a more satisfying life, pun intended. But since then, both the lifestyle activities and the parties have evolved to cater to different tastes and preferences, from the Atlasz Sport Days to the newest gay club in town, Tütü.

Despite all this, widening the nightlife portfolio in Budapest was a necessary step to the city and that is when OMOH comes to the picture as the newest addition to the popular series of parties we have, offering exactly what the city was missing: a party with a more underground, Western European vibe.


OMOH had its opening night on the 19th of March having the first edition of what promises to be the best place for people who prefer house and techno music, a less posh and more free-spirited environment to literally get crazy and climb the walls naked if they feel like doing it.

The party was held in one of the halls of the popular Corvin Bar, which is already recognized for hosting underground parties and it certainly did not disappoint. The rusty industrial elevator that you have to use to access the party, the music that kept us going until 6 in the morning, the leather outfits that are so rare to be seen in Budapest and the couples reaching for each other on the couches were just some of the elements that made this party a success. From the early birds that headed to the dance floor in the beginning of the night, to the late owls that made OMOH their afterparty, everyone got a promising taste of what is to come next.

The wait for a little piece of Berlin in Budapest is now over: OMOH is the new home for the crazy party people!

The event of their next party here.

Germán Henao


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