Nyálcsorgató – Popsik a világ körül

Fontos, hogy elfogadással gondoljunk a testünkre, függetlenül annak méreteitől, formáitól.

Miközben Instagramon tökéletesen idegen emberek hasizmában és bicepszeiben gyönyörködünk, a The Travelin’ Bum az emberi anatómia egy egészen más tájára fókuszál – a popóra.

Míg a kidolgozott felsőtesthez rendszerint arc is járul, a The Travelin’ Bum kizárólag popsikkal és személyes történetekkel foglalkozik.

Mutatunk is párat:

Want to show love to our female followers! “Four years ago, we did not know the value of Barton’s or think of each other when we heard Timber. Four years later, our purple family has grown from a group of girls on the same floor to one that holds memories that will last a lifetime. In this short amount of time, we have grown collectively and individually. We have discovered the toxicity of a gin and tonic, the necessity of a Tim Horton’s breakfast sandwich on Sunday morning, and the importance of time. We’ve realized that often times, the library is more of a place to socialize than to work, and that’s ok. But most all, the last four years has brought together a group of random girls from across New York State and confirmed our love for each other and ourselves. Cheers to 4 years!” #NiagaraForever #thetravelinbummademedoit

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“Coming out at 22, I’ve always felt like a late bloomer. It took a while for me to fully be able to express myself and get a grasp on the gay community and its culture. Though it felt like a huge boulder had been lifted from my chest, I still felt a little guarded when it came to truly being able to express myself. It was after a while that I realized my friends and family never saw me in any light different than what they’d seen since first meeting me. My sexuality never altered how they viewed me and the only thing I had to get past was worrying they’d judge me or think of me in something different way. In reality, they probably knew I was gay before I even knew I was gay. Finally accepting me for me was one of the most enlightening and liberating experiences I’ll ever get to experience… along with flashing my white ass in front of a lot of strangers with @thetravelinbum I’ve grown so much over the last few years, overcoming anxiety and just the general fear of not being able to be myself. Now, I couldn’t picture life any other way. I’m me. Nobody’s going to force me to change who I am. ” 📸: @nick40v

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“Im from a conservative town close to Buenos Aires. Big family, 5 sisters, 2 brothers and of course a few dogs. Fights and laughter were always there. Growing between artists, nurses and health professionals didnt make it easy for a path to choose.” “So many options, so many passions… At the age of 17, I had my first experience with a camera. My love for photography started to emerge and the idea of coming out from the closet which I knew would break some hearts. I’ve been always hungry to see the world, I traveled as much as I could. Of course the economy of the 3rd world didn’t help me to get the necesarly equipment, so it took me a few years before I could buy my first camera. Jobs and lessons came together and suddenly my whole universe was upside down.” “Photography was the perfect tool for me to stop wishing and starting to see the beauty on this world. “Seeing”, became “Sharing”. And “sharing” is becoming “helping”. I’m now searching for the better way to help people in need doing what I love, photography.” #travel #traveling #photooftheday #photography #photographer #pride

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As anyone who has ever been a kid or a teen will remember, school bathrooms are more than a place to go to the bathroom. They are a place of social interaction, where gossip is gossiped, and confidences are exchanged. When you remove a student from that community you are stigmatizing him or her. Being a teen is hard enough, but being a trans teen should be no harder than usual. The new ruling fails to take account of what common humanity should acknowledge: that within a school bathroom or outside it, a transgender student is much more likely to be the victim of bullying. Take a stand for what you believe in whether that risks your job, your friends, or your family. Basic human rights shouldn’t be taken away that were already established. #DumpTrump 📸: @hrwunderbar

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Happy national coming out day! “It can take a lifetime to find a group of friends that you feel completely free around. Lucky for me I didn’t have to wait that long. We are a family who laughs and cries and fight with each other constantly. Yet it always comes from a place of love and caring. We are all so different in so many ways and that is the really special thing about it. With one of us in real estate, one of us a lawyer, another a liquor sales rep and the other a yoga instructor, we all come from different walks of life and have different passions that steer our destinies yet we found each other on our separate paths walking together and I couldn’t feel luckier a man than to have these three by my side in life and travels. Whether we are off to a beach, a bar, or a celebratory trip to Puerto Rico to celebrate PRIDE with all of our brothers and sisters, there is no one else I can imagine by my side than these kooky, beautiful and amazing creatures! Bum Voyage!!!”#travel #traveling #travelinbum #blogger #man #beach #desert #naked #sexy #ass #bootiesallovetheworld #bootie #l4l #bum #gay #gayfollow #gayworld #gaylife #gayboy #gayselfie #cutegay #musclegay #nationalcomingoutday #nationalcomingoutday2016 #nationalcomingoutday🌈

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