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An insight to Hungarian Fashion – Interview with the man behind Mr. Carter&Co

Fashion is often misunderstood. Some people consider it art, others pure vanity. But what does it look like through the eyes of someone who breathes, eats and lives it?

Ákos is a 23-year-old Fashion Designer. I met him a couple of years ago when I was shown his fall-winter campaign and a big coat with white fox fur collar caught my eye. Since then, I have contacted him from time to time to see what he is working on and even to make some special requests and get some personalized gifts. Last time, I contacted him in order for you to get to know him a little more.

He certainly looks like a fashion designer. At our meeting he was wearing tailored culottes, a black turtleneck, a black hat and a coat from his last collection that later on he let me try on.

For a young designer, Budapest is a good place to start. The globalized, capitalist type of this industry has only 25 years of experience in the country, so we can say that Millennials are the pioneers of Hungarian Fashion. This short historical background maybe a limitation in Ákos’ opinion, but he is driven by the power of passion in this form of art.

“Twenty-five years ago, there were not many materials available and people didn’t care about clothes. Four or five pieces of clothing used to be enough for someone.” For the same reason, society is getting to learn only now that fashion is much more than trends and designers have to play it safe in order to try and make a living. “We have to sell it. Even in the top Hungarian fashion designers’ shows, there is not much room for experimentation.”

After ordering a beer, we start talking about his marketing plans. Nowadays, social media represents a great platform to spread global trends and even though most designers use them well, they still cannot afford to make risky decisions about their collections and expect people to like them or even to feel comfortable wearing them.  After all, Hungarian fashion is getting mature only now, and even though the industrial giants set a clear path to follow, Hungarians still aim to have their own voice.

Just a few days ago, Ákos was shooting the lookbook for his latest collection. The pictures are still in post-production, but having a look at the campaign, they look promising.

Grey, black and white are the colors of Mr. Carter&Co’s autumn winter collection. They were chosen for their elegance and they are always a safe bet. Not many people here are as bold as New Yorkers to wear fluorescent colors on a regular basis, and even though the 90’s are back, the palette didn’t make it this far.



He’s confident that the coming seasons will incorporate the past’s infamous trends. That’s why he created a fanny pack as well to match his outfits. “You can wear it as a fanny pack, as a small clutch or even hang it from your shoulder”, he explains,while showing the different straps the bag comes with, and even though I personally don’t like this type of bags, after trying it on I considered buying it.

For those of us who are familiar with his work, you can see how he has matured as a designer. This year he has opted for a more minimalistic and baggy silhouette. The main idea behind it is to make the pieces as unisex as possible – culottes, coats and kilts are only some of the center pieces in it .He recognizes that he made some mistakes during the process, hence some of the pieces didn’t make it to the final collection, but he is confident that it could reach a wider audience.

By the end of our meeting, he showed me some of his sketches and prototypes, and I can only say that even though he is still struggling to build a name for himself, you will hear from him and his talent soon enough.


Orlando Hurtado



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