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Favorite places to suggest to a visitor – Recommendations of an American guy

Since arriving to Budapest there have been several visitors to book the “Hotel Csaba” these past nine months: five Americans, one Canadian, three Germans, and one Irish. All women. I’ve shared with them the essences of the city.

The tour frequently originates at the remarkable Heroes’ Square. There aren’t many monuments that have a similar look and energy when seeing them in person, this one is. The monument was erected to commemorate notable figures of Hungarian history. The monument is quite accessible via metro line 1 (Hősök tere stop). This is a favored stop of mine because behind this monument is a gorgeous building called Vajdahunyad Castle that’s surrounded by peaceful artificial ponds with water fountains, festivals, street performers, and good eats. Take some time to walk the voluptuous green park. I absolutely recommend walking the castle grounds. Once inside you’ll discover lovely architecture. With the castle’s golden walls and crisp white trim melded amongst abundant vines; it is a daydream in the morning and a fairy tale romance in the evening. Every visitor is sure to thank themselves for taking the trip to Budapest after this program.  

The historic Heroes Square in Budapest, Hungary.

Upon finishing Heroes’ Square and the castle, head to New York Café, a place renowned for being the most beautiful café in the world. This cafe upholds its reputation for the extravagant entryways, ornate lighting fixtures, handcrafted pillars, a violin quintet and gold leaf paint on nearly everything! All visitors should step back and witness the ceiling before exiting for a true understanding. This year’s Easter was observed over brunch alongside law students from Queens, New York who had been in Vienna for a competition. We relished and recommend the quiche, eggs benedict, and fruit salad. Additionally, the café’s hot cold chocolate is divine and highly suggest ordering one or even two for the table. Take an extra glance on their menu for several variations are offered. The service staff was very attentive and seemed delighted to work among such beautiful architecture and ambiance.  

One of the most beautiful and famous cafe in the world – New York Cafe in the Boscolo Hotel, Budapest . The cafe opened in 1894.

From the café take a quick trip on the public transit via the metro from Blaha Lujza tér to Szent Gellért tér to walk the hill and observe how distinctive the city of Budapest is at any hour of the day. The walk will be about a half hour to summit depending on certain activities that were partaken the previous evening. Nonetheless, the hike is manageable with viewpoints before reaching summit. Once atop Gellért Hill one will observe the glorious Hungarian Lady Liberty herself. With white pebbles, manicured landscapes, and comfortable benches, take a rest and pat one’s self on the back for conquering the trek. Upon being closer to the clouds, one will view magnificent bridges and buildings. With locals and fellow tourists bustling around, you’ll be able to spot premier photography sites. 

Upon returning safely from the summit you’ll find yourself at the entrance of Gellért Baths. This makes for a perfect way to rest after a splendid morning and physical early afternoon. With the Gellért Baths dating to 1918 it’s ancient healing waters speak for themselves. The bath house is astonishing with its mosaic floors, walls, and ceiling. Alongside the craftsmanship, the indoor and outdoor pools are bountiful with varying temperatures to one’s enjoyment. In addition, the saunas and steam rooms accommodate a moderate number of guests without feeling stunned. Be sure to pack a towel (avoiding additional costs) and sandals while discovering the ideal bath house.

Vajdahunyad castle in Városliget

Bathing and massages might nurture an appetite for a refreshment, small snack and/or meal.  From Gellért Square, board the tram or simply walk across the Liberty Bridge and onto the Grand Market Hall (Vásárcsarnok). This market sells fresh produce, in addition to local Hungarian souvenirs primarily located on the second floor. My Hungarian grandma vows this market to be the very best for all seafood.  I can second her vow personally!  Every color of the rainbow can be found from several items at nearly every stand. For many, working within the market hall is their livelihood; they’ll take great care when hand selecting what will be sold to locals and travelers. During the winter seasons, white icicle lights are strung from several beams above the shops. Magical feelings are sure to be felt at this market. Especially upon the beginning of a sunset when their bulbs’ glisten while one is glancing, tasting, and purchasing delicious goodies.  

These places are sure to capture the beauty, life, spirit, and ranging wholesome energies of Budapest to all who visit.  

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