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Budapest’s Circuit Party is back – See you at Triton Red Light!


After a very successful round of parties in 2022, Triton is ready to step up their game and begin the next chapter of Circuit parties in Budapest. On April 1st, they bring Triton Red Light, a theme inspired by the Red Light District in Amsterdam, with the sexy and provocative feeling to turn the heat up and get you to dance all night long.

We had a chat with the organizers to get to know more about this party and what their plans are.

What made you start a Circuit party in Hungary?
The answer is quite simple; we just love Circuit parties. They are everywhere in Western Europe, but they were something that was missing in the gay scene in the city so we decided to make Triton, the Circuit party of Budapest.

What can people expect during a Triton party?
Triton is all about the production, a party that goes that extra mile to entertain people. Apart from bringing internationally known Circuit DJs and gogo dancers, we always have a show with drag queens and dancers in which we try to do things that have never been seen before in Budapest and it gives the opportunity to make each one of our parties unique.

For example, during our neon party we had an S&M show with two dancers using neon paint, which are two things you rarely see happening together. You can take a look at the show from our Triton Neon party here.

What makes Triton so special that it has become a party that people really look forward to?
Based on the feedback we’ve received, what people really love about Triton is that it is a very different vibe… it feels fresh entertaining and full of personality; it is a more western feeling. Triton is not a party where people go to show off or a party about what people are wearing, our goal is for people to simply let loose and have fun being themselves. For example, if you are more daring and want to come party in a sexy revealing outfit, you can do it. And if you are someone more casual who prefers to party in t-shirt and jeans, that is also welcomed. We encourage people to be whoever they want to be, and do whatever they want to do. As long as you bring a positive, fun and open-minded attitude, you will feel right at home.



And why have you decided to call this one Triton Red Light?
The message is for people to see themselves in a different light, to try something new, feel sexy and let go of their daily life behind. We can all be a different person and more daring when we are behind closed curtains, so that is what inspired us to use the Red Light District of Amsterdam as the theme for this party. It is the one night when red means YES!

You mentioned you bring international DJs and gogo dancers, can you tell us more about your guests for Triton Red Light?
Our guest DJ is Juka from Mexico, who’s played in the best Circuit stages around the world such as Matinée Group, Matrix Events and Sunland. He already played at Triton during our party at Lupa Beach last year and, as people really loved him and we got such great feedback about him, we decided to bring him again. He will be opening the party so we recommend people to arrive early!

As gogos, we have international porn stars PJ Knox and Austin Sugar from the UK. PJ will be performing a live sex show at 20:00 in Magnum Sauna, and then he will be gogo dancing in our party. Austin is also an adult content creator and a very well known gogo dancer so we are looking forward to seeing them fire up the stage with a sexy vibe and great dance moves.



It is great to hear that you work together with other LGBT venues in Hungary, how is that going?
It is going great! With everything going on in the country, it is important that we stick together as LGBT spaces and entertainment venues, so we are always up to cooperate with other local businesses. Our main partners are Addicted Budapest, Magnum Sauna and Why Not Café.

Can you please summarize all the information about Triton Red Light for our readers?
• Date: April 1st 2023
• Venue: OFF Kultúr Main Hall (Budapest, Berni u. 1, 1045)
• Time: From 23:00 to 5:00
• Dress code: Black & Red
• 23:00 to 1:30 warm up set by international DJ Juka (Mexico)
• Stage show at 1:30 with our resident drag queen Valerie Divine and our Triton Dance Crew
• 1:45 to 5:00 main set by our resident DJ Chris Dustin (Hungary)
• Over 18’s only.

We offer a shuttle bus that takes you to the party; it departs 22:30 from Deák Ferenc Tér in front of Akvárium Klub. The fee is 1.500 HUF per person and it includes one free drink on the bus! After the party, you can take the bus back to the city center, with stops at Deák Ferenc Tér, Magnum Sauna and the final stop is D9 Dark Nine.

– Standard ticket: 4.000 HUF
– Same-day ticket: 4.900 HUF
– VIP ticket: 8.000 HUF

The benefits of the VIP ticket are skipping the line at the entrance, a complimentary welcome drink, dedicated VIP queue at the bar and VIP lounge access with possibility for table reservation and bottle service. Guaranteed table reservation is possible by direct email or Instagram DM.



Where can people find get in touch with you if they have any questions?
E-mail: tickets@tritoneventsgroup.com
Instagram: @tritoneventsgroup
Facebook: @tritoneventsgroup



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