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Budapest by Night on a TukTuk

Just imagine the feeling of gliding through the Liberty Bridge and listening to the bustling of the city while looking at the lights dancing on the Danube and listening to music or getting to know the city a little bit better with the help of an excellent guide. On the tours of Budapest TukTuk, you can do all of the above – and even at night! 

Before we delve deeper into the details of a very special sightseeing tour, let’s get to know the TukTuk a little better. The Italian motor company Piaggio started manufacturing the Piaggio Apé – the offical name meaning ‘bee’ – in 1948. Due to its small size and relatively lightweight frame, it quickly became one of the most popular light commercial vehicles in the world. Although this ‘three-wheeled wonder’ was originally built as a load carrying vehicle for Italians that couldn’t afford a proper van after World War II, nowadays the electric version (officially nicknamed Tukxi) is also very popular as a way of human transportation. Considering its characteristics of easily fitting into narrow streets and climbing heights, Tukxi or TukTuk is the perfect vehicle for sightseeing in such a geographically diverse city like Budapest.

 Budapest TukTuk has a number of amazing sightseeing tours, but ‘Budapest by Night’ is certainly one of the most unique. Although at the moment it’s still slightly chilly at night, I can’t imagine a more refreshing evening program than enjoying the cool breeze on your face in the Buda Hills after a hot summer day. We started our tour from Deák Ferenc Square through the Liberty Bridge towards Gellért Hill. If you’ve ever taken a walk across this bridge, especially after sunset, you definitely know what I mean when I say what a glorious sight the Danube and its two banks framed by the gleaming green steel structure gives. But we were up for not one, but two even more delightful cityscapes.

We stopped for a while at the Citadella, on the top of Gellért Hill, enjoying the panorama from up there. One of the most convenient features of TukTuk tours is that the routes and stops can easily be personalized according to your tastes. The friendly drivers are always up for a little chat and their main goal is to grant your wishes regarding the tour. While you roll through the city, you can also choose to try the interactive tourist guide on the built-in tablets or you can just simply listen to music and enjoy the ride. If you feel like you know everything about the city that they can tell you, it can also be interesting to take someone – perhaps a possible significant other – with you and discover the city together in this way.

 Our next sight was the Castle Garden Bazaar that has been recently renovated and now it has its former glory again. Further panoramic views made us stop at the Halászbástya which can be visited for free during night hours. Our ancestors seemed to know how much Budapest will grow and develop during a 100 years: the Halászbástya still offers one of the most breathtaking views of the city.

After saying goodbye to beautiful panoramas and fantasy castles, we were going across the Lánchíd and then we hit Andrássy Avenue. Budapest’s most beautiful avenue is a tunnel through time: its classical buildings, luxurious shop windows, the cafés and restaurants with soft live music evoke the time of the “belle époque”. Under the vibrant green trees and the old-fashioned electric pylons, we arrived at our last destination of the tour. Framed by two museums and adorned by the Millennium Memorial with its guardian angel, Hősök Tere (Heroes’ Square) is a true symbol of a bygone era.

Besides giving you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views of Budapest at night, Budapest TukTuk offers a variety of different tours from the one presenting the UNESCO Heritage Sights to those ending with tasting delicacies on the line of cheese, wine and/or ham. Whether you are here for the first time in your life or you have been here for a while, we would definitely suggest to take a ride with Budapest TukTuk, because it’s a truly unforgettable experience.


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